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Who? What? Why?

Silver Lion Media is a Consulting Company with Business, Multimedia, Design, IT and Education expertise. Currently, we are located in East Coast of Canada! Our mission is to know our customers by name, fully understand their reach issues, come alongside of them and help them solve problems. We provide solutions, tools, and training that our clients need to fill gaps that will enable them to better connect to their clients and thus expand their sphere of positive influence.

We enjoy being a small company and making a difference for one customer at a time. We have recently shifted our limited time and energy to focus on partnerships with charities, non-profits, and small businesses that are contributing to the good in the world!

Our in-house expertise includes Business Consulting, Audio, Video, Photography, Print, Writing, Education, Graphic, and Web Design. If you think we can help, Contact Us with your project and/or issue, your timeline, budget and how your company contributes to the good in the world!